I come from a family of hard workers. My grandfather was a chemistry professor in a DAV college; the only legacy he left my father was his education. Along with that my grandfather also persisted on my parents marriage. He loved how my mother was a goal oriented, workingwoman who was also down to earth.

Talking about my mother, have you ever seen a panda cranky? Yes, that’s how cute she is. Some days when she is cranky she expresses her anger my making ‘annoyed’ like faces. But, most of the days she is a delight and the best part about her is that she greets me every morning with such enthusiasm that she is the second best thing about morning after the sun coming out.

My father is a bit more fragile with his angry emotions but it’s the same with him when it comes to mornings. He is a hard workingman, works thousands of tasks a day and yet 90% of the days with him are filled with zeal, positivity and love.

Both my parents are epitome of ‘self-made’ and ‘hard-work’ and not to forget ‘see the brighter side’, but to be honest that’s not the best part about being their child. The best part is actually how loving, forgiving and joyful they are. Every evening when my mother comes back from work, we both enjoy our cups of tea together and discuss random things. The conversations might be random but that is what I cherish the most about our relationship, tea and conversations. And my father? He gives the best hugs: in the morning, after he comes back from work or after he is back home from travelling; these are the kind of hugs that make you feel safe and calm, you know like how you feel after having a sip of cold water on a hot day, same.

Maybe when I was a child I liked to run after materialistic pleasures but with every day I am growing up, I cant help to wonder that how much I cherish all these beautiful moments and probably how many I might have not registered in my memory thinking I will have enough of them.

Trust me, when you enjoy all these tiny moments you not only smile then but once it gets registered to your memory you can smile and be happy at any time of your life.



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