LIFE IS NOT A 10 on 10!

It’s 10/10 today and I wish life too was a perfect 10 on 10.

When we break our leg, those around us immediately rush us to the doctor, but when we are hurting, aching and broken on the inside…there is no one to do the same. There is help out there but none of us want to take it because sadly, the fear of being judged and talked about is bigger than the need to be healed.

We all are grieving. Some loudly, in their aggression, some silently when they switch of their lights, hug a pillow and cry. Some can speak about their brokenness and some of us keep our brokenness to ourselves. Others long to be hugged and just asked, “How are you?” And some others, because we know how it feels not to be cared for, go about asking everyone if they are okay.

There comes a time when no matter how many motivational, inspiration quotes you read, it doesn’t help and sometimes when your mom wraps you in her arms and gives you a kiss on your forehead, every wound heals. There are many with broken hearts, inner scars, messed up career choices who struggle everyday to survive and silently grieve. You may be told that this is what life is about but remember that it much more than and seek the help you need…

The calming App on your phone or the meditation class, sometimes may or may not help, but you know what helps? Just putting your hand on your heart, zooming in and there you are…there you will find all the strength you’ll ever need.
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