I have learnt that life has no rules.
No guidelines to show you who you are
it doesn’t direct you to what should be done:
What it takes to be strong,
what it takes to have courage and stand up for yourself.
Some of us are somehow born with conviction
And some of us learn it the hard way.

I have learnt that life is a journey.
Destination unknown.
It definitely is not a bed of roses,
But it doesn’t always rain either.
Like music is beautiful with its sharps and flats;
So is life in all its beauty.

I have learnt that life doesn’t really care,
about the way you look,
or the money you have,
or the possessions you own.
It’s the world that conditions us to believe so.
Life teaches you to be kind, it transforms your soul
and teaches you what true love is.
Know the difference between Life and the World.

I have learnt that Life ALWAYS moves on.
Catastrophes make us feel it has come to an end.
But Life teaches you that the TRUTH is not as it seems.
It tells you that LOVE is not conditional.
And that Life is meant to LIVE and BREATHE.

I have learnt and am still learning
that Life is not about age.
It is about the experiences you gather and the beautiful souls you meet.
Yes, there is the dark side, but that is only because of the absence of light.
Life is the teacher and we are on a journey.
What we make of it is our choice.
Life gives you the freedom to write your own story
I have learnt to write my own…



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