I love going for a car ride with my family. My younger sister and I play games and listen to music while sitting in the backseat. I also love gazing out of the car window and observing the people and the things around. But whenever the car stops at the traffic signal, I feel very sad. Do you know why? Have you seen people wearing torn clothes and begging for food and money? Sometimes there are also small children with them. I always think how they survive and how poor they must be. It breaks my heart to see that they have nothing to eat, no place to live and the children don’t get to go to school. I get very furious with God and wonder why some people have to live like that. There is always a feeling of concern and gloominess in my heart when I see them.

When I told my mother about my worries, she explained to me that we are fortunate to be in a privileged position in the society and she suggested that I should think of some way to help them. Hence, I always keep some eatables like packets of biscuits in the car with me which I give to them whenever I come across them. But the thought that bothers me is that the next day they will be hungry again. When I grow up, I really want to do something more for them.

When I visited Delhi during my vacations, I saw that there was a shop where some very nice and generous people were giving food for free to the needy. I also want to do something like that along with my friends after I grow up and become independent. At least, I will not be worried all the time thinking about how they will survive. Hopefully, I will be able to help some of them. I request everyone who is reading this article to help the underprivileged in whatever way possible. We should all try to make the world a better place for all human beings. Because, isn’t that what humanity is about?

Alankrita Ahuja
8 years old


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