Transform your life through the power of positive thinking…

We all meet challenges on a daily basis, few of us whine about them. Is that helpful? I don’t think so!

Whether you’re taking an exam, attending an interview, meeting a date, expecting a promotion, yes, they are all anxious moments. In those seemingly nervous situations instead expecting things to go wrong, ask yourself, ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’

If situations are within your control, take charge, and change them the way you want them to be, if not, accept them and move on. Did I say, it’s easy? No! but definitely not impossible.

Say you’re driving, there’s a car accident or a construction, what do you do? Instantly take a detour. You go to the airport, the flight is delayed either you find a different flight or wait. You go to the grocery store, they’re out of what you wanted to buy, you either buy from another store and manage without it. In all these situations we swiftly and automatically accept and adapt as we go along. Life is no different!

What is positivity? This question reminds me of quote by Norman Vincent Peale, a motivational speaker and I agree with him!

‘It’s not what happens to you that affects you but it’s how you respond to what happens to you that affects you.’

There are also heart wrenching situations that we experience, where we feel completely helpless, angry and afraid. It could be that we are involved in a vehicle accident, a diagnosis of a serious illness, or our loved one not responding to the treatment that the best doctor gives, or experiencing the loss of a friend of family member or facing a natural calamity like a flood or famine. How do we remain positive?

Remember, nothing in life is an accident. There’s a reason for everything. Everything is where they need to be, every situation is how they’re meant to be. Things happen for a reason, often times we don’t know why! Does it sound rude? Read more…

Positivity is like a pebble that you throw in a water body, that creates a ripple effect. Thinking positive, expands our vision, opens up our mind to options & alternatives in every situation, towards friends & strangers alike, thus making diverse wonderful connections who have different perspectives than ours, helps us remain objective while facing problems and help us make decisions with clarity. It gives us tremendous energy from within, to cross the seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Next, as we think positive thoughts, the entire universe becomes conducive to our thoughts and everything falls in place for a beautiful outcome. It seems like the universal energy is waiting for us to take that first positive step and instantly energy, resources and support pour in like a torrential rainfall.

The lesson I learned is to always expect the best and be prepared for the worst. Worst doesn’t always happen but you’re not shaken and mentally disabled when it suddenly hits you and the most unforeseen happens.


A lesson learnt from my mother is that a positive attitude, strengthens our inner core to face any situation. This is enhanced by a conviction on a higher power beyond our perceived periphery.

My mother is an epitome of positivity. She’s not with us today but her experiences are vivid. She delivered a baby, my youngest sibling when her devoted husband, whom she loved and adored, my father, went to the hospital to see the baby.

A very special moment for a couple, who had deep intense love for each other. right? You can imagine the proud parent holding the baby, feeling blessed, dreaming about the future with radiant smiles and full of joy.

But, that’s not what happened to this couple. As my father stood there looking at my mother in her hospital bed, while the nurses have gone to the nursery to bring the baby, this standing father’s heart stopped and he fell at her feet due to cardiac arrest and could not be revived. He walked to the hospital, climbed the stairs, saw her and fell down, as though he wanted to say goodbye to her.

What a shock to a woman who delivered a baby and within 24 hours lost her husband! Everything was over in a fraction of a minute. Her entire life changed in a split second. What an emotional turmoil she would have gone through that night?

My mother, the most positive person I have ever known, moved beyond her emotions. She, hiding her tears from us said, ‘If it has to happen this way, who can stop it and I’m truly blessed to see him one last time, glad he came to see me, if this had happened at home, doctors would not have allowed me to go home!’. How do you feel hearing these words?

As a sole provider for her children, pulled herself up, regrouped, expressed leadership, stayed positive to visualize the future of her children, dreamt, set goals and accomplished them in spite of colossal social pressure and obstacles in India over five decades ago.

This is what positive thinking does. When you think positive thoughts, your emotions are well balanced and you remain mentally calm in all, even in unpleasing situations and you change to be a better version of yourself. The fear and anger withers away and you’re a bundle of immense power! You see life’s challenges as opportunities not obstacles.

Positive thinking is not always easy and takes a lot of practice for many of us. That is because the mind has already been trained to think negatively, that needs to be re-trained to think in a positive direction, which is a long, laborious process. Unlearning and relearning is a challenge but the return on that investment is huge in every aspect!

Observe your thoughts, have a purpose in life, focus on contributing to the welfare of those around you. Every time a negative thought pops up deliberately replace it with a positive one.

Only positive thinking helps you to view the world through a more compassionate lens resulting in more understanding, co-operation, respect, kindness boosting all relationships in every situation within the family, work and community, leading to a deeper inner contentment.

Vijaya Jayaraman

Vijaya, fondly called VJ is a 71 year evergreen personality from Boston, Massachusetts. She has many feathers to her cap, a motivational speaker, a Toastmaster, an avid biker and a hiker to name a few. She has had most of her innings post 55!! Read more of her thoughts here:






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