I recall, my mentor once looking at me and saying:

Oh, you have a challenge?

I say: I have a huge problem! (my hands showing the size of the problem)

He says with a smile: A challenge, yeah?

I let out a sigh and noticed that my hands had come closer together. The word, ‘challenge’ replaced, ‘problem’ and its dimensions and his smile made my dark feelings better.

That day, I realized that as a Life Coach I was to pay attention to WORDS! WORDS have POWER and POWER to CREATE MY REALITY!

A minor tweak here and there, I not only felt better but also realized that I was playing with a football when all it was, was a ping pong ball!


For example:

Actual:  It’s such a gloomy day and I feel so sad!

Change: I can have a steaming cup and feel warm again!

Actual:   My boss is such a grumpy person; he annoys me!

Change:  My boss resembles one of the seven dwarves that now I find him as a part of fairy tale that will end happily!

QUIZ: Now try this…Transform these to see how it feels different!

  1. My presentation is just not up to the mark; I can’t impress anyone
  2. The kids are just failing at their studies; I must be a bad mom
  3. My health is mostly average
  4. Life isn’t fun anymore
  5. Why don’t people understand me the way I am?


Impact Maker (Personal Transformation Coach)
Founder, Word Weave

Anu Krishna, a mom of two is a Life Coach and Energy Work Specialist who nudges people into the space of Happiness and Holistic Well being. She loves writing short stories based on real life situations to reach out to people! When she isn’t working, she likes spending time reading, travelling, singing and connecting with people from the heart!
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