Kavita Baluni, likes to be known as a ‘wanderer and mommy to Veda through adoption’. Leading by example and putting her experience to good use, Kavita devotes a lot of her time towards raising awareness on adoption and Down Syndrome. Known as the first couple in India to adopt a child with Down Syndrome, she is eager for many more to follow and is here on The Wonder Women World to share her experience and what she beautifully calls ‘a blessed life’ after Veda.

Kavita, echoes what Smriti Gupta said (click to read that interview), that Indians are not at all open for special needs adoption. She says, “The search for a perfect healthy kid hinders the people in general to come forward for such adoptions. There is also a stigma associated with disabilities in our country. Though time has changed and more people are coming forward for special needs adoption, yet the count in our country is very low.”

Kavita feels that some factors that hamper the decision making process include family ideologies, societal pressure, lack of awareness and ignorance about disability. Also adoption, in many cases is an option for those are not able to have biological kids so they seek perfection in the child they adopt. The general perception that all kids with special needs are alike and will be dependent on their parents their entire life adds to the hesitation that couples have to adopt children with special needs.

Kavita never misses an opportunity to influence these mindsets or dispel the myths around special needs adoption. She urges people to focus on abilities rather than disabilities. “Many people will tell you about the things your kid won’t be able to do but nobody knows their capabilities to accomplish something in their life.”

Ending the interview with her story, Kavita said, “I always wanted to adopt a girl child since I was a teenager. As I couldn’t imagine having biological kids when there are so many kids without families. My husband happily agreed when I told him and we decided to adopt a baby girl. Special needs was never a plan till we saw a few kids with Down Syndrome while in US. We did a bit of research and as we got more into it we couldn’t find any single reason why not to do so. As Indian citizens residing in US, we were not eligible to adopt from India. So we came back to India and registered with CARA (Central Adoption Research Authority), as adoption was our top most priority. There is no waiting period for special needs adoption and soon we met 15 month old Veda in Bhopal. She came home withing 45 days of registration. And life has been a big blessing ever since!”

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