Being a hardcore Mumbaikar, Aamchi Mumbai always rocks. But now Bengaluru is home and it’s rocking! It’s been a little more then a decade in Bangalore .
Though a typical Tam Bram..never lived in the south of India!
4 generations are settled in Maharashtra, so I was pretty excited to make Bangalore my home. I love Malleswaram so much cause it reminds me of the heart of Mumbai that is Dadar, the flower market, the temples, the music. I just love it.
So we came to Bangalore after globe trotting and realised that this city it is.

As a typical Mumbaikar things are not fast like mumbai ,so it took us a while to understand the culture,the people ,the weather and the snail approach…ayyitu, maadtini!!

This city has given me so much.In gratitude always!
My work began here with a bang,in every vertical that am passionate about .It has never disappointed me.
Now am in love with everything here,the chilled out people ,diverse communities,lovely weather and a typical answer “gottila”.

Kinda got used to all this. People here are in their own comfort zone and seldom bother you.

There is lot of harmony and peace around and I always feel it’s a “halli” that became a ” city”, thanks to technology and innovation.
Thank you Bengaluru for everything.

Tumba Khushi ayittu, Bengaluru Namma uru 🙂

Su Iyer
Artiste and creative consultant

SU IYER, Mommyandmewithsu

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