Bengaluru , a city with a cosmopolitan culture . Just when one steps into the city they can feel its pulse. You can get caught up in this metropolitan lifestyle. Humans are not the only habitants who have adopted to the metropolis. Bengaluru has a wealth of wildlife. Our city is home to many species of birds such as black kite, brahminy kite , purple sunbirds, red vented bulbul, white cheeked barbet, painted storks etc.

Birds are not the only forms of wildlife we come across . We also have reptiles such as snakes, turtles and monitor lizards. Mammals such as the endangered slender loris, bonnet macaque and mangoose are also residents of this busy city

Unfortunately people living in the city get caught up in the hustle bustle and forget the wild creatures we share our home with.

As the city keeps growing we continue to encroach into areas that are meant for wildlife which creates conflict between man and animal.

It very is important for us to remember that we share our space with other living things, and it is possible to live in harmony with them. Each and every species has a role to play in our eco system. It is up to us to protect and preserve this urban nature in our concrete jungle.

So the next time you take a walk in Benguluru take a long walk and get lost in the serenity of the urban jungle.



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