That paradox called Bengaluru

One rainy evening at one of the flashy Gastro Pubs in namma Bengaluru, I was enjoying the peppy music and the company of great friends when my eyes lazily panned the entire breadth of what lay in front of me; multitude of people, some staring into each other’s eyes, a few mindlessly looking into their phones with their thumbs relaying messages back and forth, young waiter boys balancing large black round trays with different shapes of glasses holding amazing shades of liquid in it…Lazy, you might call as I was revelling in some Fried Pepper Corn and celebrating the other aromas that wafted through the air till my trance was broken with what stormed through the entrance of the Gastro…

A lean, well groomed silver haired gentleman with an elegant woman dressed in a flowing colourful maxi; a tad old to be there, I wondered…Who am I to judge what they are doing there? But well, Family restaurants? Hey, I am not to blame for the gush of thoughts in my mind…I have been in this ever-evolving city for over two decades and seen her choke and struggle through influx of people and cultures and vehicles breathing down on her…
Quaint little city possibly a hamlet way back in the 50s and 60s maybe with a changing landscape that made way to the best malls and the best of lifestyles…then why is this surprising me as I found the couple comfortably seated next to each other sipping on their cocktails?

Family restaurants again made its way into my mind and then in an AHA moment, I realised that when I was in one a few weeks back, I happened to tell my friends, “Do you notice that the place is filled with young couples with their very little children or people who are elderly and want some quiet time and great food with soft piped in music?”

AHA again…The old can get young and the young can get older…it works beautifully if you think of how the spirit of YOUTH that this city has to offers has spread its charm on people of all ages…the city has adapted and so are we and very responsibly too!

And why not? So, when my Dad was in town recently, he said, “A lively place, please!”
Oh, he wants to soak in the spirit of YOUTH and we headed out to a pleasantly noisy place with some amazing ambience of sprightly youngsters…I saw him foot tap and smile happily…Welcome to the other face of namma Bengaluru! We know how to please you either way! Traditional or Modern!


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Anu Krishna, a mom of two is a Life Coach and Energy Work Specialist who nudges people into the space of Happiness and Holistic Well being. She loves writing short stories based on real life situations to reach out to people! When she isn’t working, she likes spending time reading, travelling, singing and connecting with people from the heart!
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