What’s age?

Everything ages….Some are sweet and tasty while others are bitter and nasty! Think about wine in a bottle (or Indian pickle in a jar) and a fruit on the dining table for a week.

Is there something called time? Both past and future are in the mind. There’s only ‘NOW’, that’s why it’s called ‘present’. Past is a history, future is a mystery.

Except humans all beings live. We tend to live either in the past or in the future. Time, age and meaningful existence are not outside of us but within us.

Have you heard of Hulda Crooks, 101; Oldest Woman to Scale Mt. Whitney in 1997? Do you know 94-year-old Harriette Thompson became the oldest woman to complete a half marathon with her 3:42:56 sec in 2013? Are you surprised to know that Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport at the age of 102 got her Ph.D in 2015? Have you heard of Täo Porchon-Lynch, 98 is a Yoga teacher in NY today? She’s very popular in social media!

What’s stopping you from doing what you want to do?

I have also heard especially women saying, ‘I’m fifty years old, getting old, can’t walk long, can’t sit on the floor’.

On the contrary if you think, I’m only fifty, why can’t I sit or walk? What can I do? You’ll find solutions. Be open in your thoughts because everything is possible.

Each one of us have a tremendous potential, phenomenal power in us to achieve whatever we want in life. The choice is ours.

There’s absolutely nothing that can stop us from accomplishing anything, if only we let ourselves take action…Being a woman should not restrict you in any way. You’re a ‘being’ with lots of creativity, imagination, potential and power. You’re the ‘Shakti’

Life is simple and we tend to complicate it. If you think you can, you’re right, if you think you can’t, you’re right. You become what you think about!

Take these steps…
1. Make a list of everything that I want to do, without any limit. (hiking, biking, public speaking, reading 100 books a year, traveling to 5 countries a year, anything!)
2. Next to each, put a date for accomplishment. This is a deadline, though not set in stone.
3. Have a plan of action (teams, finance, time)
4. Break it down to monthly, weekly, daily activities.
5. Start and celebrate daily achievements.

Slow and steady wins the race. We all know the story of ‘Hare & Tortoise’. Believing that you can do is the first step, then doing it and doing it consistently is the key!

Don’t let any other person or situation pull you down. How strongly you’re convinced in your mind to do anything that makes a big difference. If you’re not convinced, anything can shake you. If you’re convinced, nothing can stop you.

You live your life, the way you want, in a meaningful way without harming yourself and others around you, That’s living!

If you often think of others’ opinion or how they perceive you then you’re dragging your life to please others. You don’t need a certificate or a crown from anyone. Set a goal & attain it to satisfy your inner self, experience the sense of inner joy!

Do the best you can everyday in whatever you do. You’re meant to succeed. Don’t settle for anything less!

Fear is the False Evidence Appearing as Real. Don’t be afraid. What’s tge worst thing that can happen?

India’s president Dr. Abdul Kalam said,
‘Past is a waste paper
Present is a newspaper
Future is a question paper
So read and write carefully….otherwise
Life will be a tissue paper!

– Vijaya Jayaraman

Vijaya Jayaraman fondly called VJ is the a 71 year evergreen personality from Boston, Massachusetts. She has many feathers to her cap, a motivational speaker, a Toastmaster, an avid biker and a hiker to name a few. She has had most of her innings post 55!!

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