Age is a fact and certainly it’s a number that keeps increasing. How you feel about the number, though, depends on how content you are in life, and how much you love what you are doing.

I started my journey as a teacher in a reputed school in Bangalore when I was 27; today, I am around 60. I have always taught 4 – 5 year olds. The age difference between my students and me has been increasing every year, but I feel my enthusiasm to teach them is what determines my energy level. I look forward to every day with something new planned for them. The spark in their eyes when we start the class, their hugs when they are going home, and the bond I share with the children who have passed out of my class never gives me a chance to feel my age!

I do something new all the time, and so do my children in class, so why does the age gap matter? I feel as young as my children; we have the same level of enthusiasm to begin the day and to end the day.

As far as looks are concerned, if you are happy with yourself, you can’t grow old. It isn’t the wrinkle that matters, it is how young you feel at heart.

My Mantra is “Be in the company of children and you will remain young”.



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