Let me first introduce myself to all of you. As a 65 year old lady, still holding on to the zest for life and a huge bucket list of many things to do and accomplish.

In India, old age is an ugly word. It is so due to many reasons. Primary reason being told that “Now that you are 60…. it is time to hang your boots and chill doing nothing”. How often one has heard….. “you need to relax”……. Tell me something what is “relaxation”.  To me it is a state of mind when you feel a sense of accomplishment and happy to jump on to the next task which excites you. Never having one dull moment is the mantra.

If you see our developed nations, during my travel to some of the countries, when I mentioned that I had retired from my professional career (at the ripe old age of 58 as mandated in MNC organizations) and was pursuing consultancy, it was with disdain that the remark was met. In countries like US, UK and even New Zealand, there is no retirement age. Isn’t that good? Work till you are physically able and mentally stable. Organizations in India need to change the retirement age for individuals.

All is not lost yet. Now, it is also nice to see how the younger generation perceive “Seniors” . A case in point is am part of a group called The Silver Surfers Club which is initiated by none other than a young lady Dipti Varma Narain who has brought together a group of people all over the age of 55. If Seeing is Believing, one should see the enthusiasm and the energy of these so called ”Seniors”. They party like there is no tomorrow, pick up new skills ranging from dancing to pottery to as basic as computer skills. We travel as a group within and outside India. Boy…..real fun and great bonding. Not forgetting our community work as well. End result is that this bonding leaves all of us happy and connected.

Keeping active and having something useful to do is the mantra to keep young in mind and also develop a happy state of mind. Another important requirement is having good like-minded friends.

Life is all about a reasonable mix of physical and mental activity such as walks, exercise, swimming, yoga which keeps us in good shape. Additionally, mental stimulation is required either in terms of work or playing chess, Scrabble, Su Do ku, Crossword etc, to keep Alzheimers and dementia at bay.

Use your experience and expertise to mentor a youngster. This will give you immense joy. Last but not the least, do your bit of kindness to any deserving person or the community at large.

Increasingly, there is a noticeable trend now for organizations to ask for retired persons for even key positions. Silver lining to the cloud……. and way to go.
Would conclude with a quote by Daniel Petrie “I do feel that the trend is away from ageism and toward a recognition that older people have a unique voice.”

Rema Ramchandran
Business Development Consultant
Past President – Soroptimist International
Advisory Ambassador – Plan B Bangalore
Past All India President – IASAP

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  • Aparna Jaishankar

    Way to go Rema !Always look forward to new tasks ,new books to read ,new experiences ,good health permitting !!

  • Aparna Jaishankar

    Way to go Rema !Always look forward to new tasks ,new books to read ,new experiences ,good health permitting !!

  • Latha Warrier

    Absolutely agree Rema. Can very well relate to the above . It’s after 60, that I got to pursue my passion for travel , music and dance and thoroughly enjoying to the core. Relaxation is a very relative term. Do what makes you happy . That should be the motto. Live life to the fullest and do what you can to give to the society . Kudos to your views and your zest for life. Blessed to be connected with you. Cheers.

  • Josephine Allan

    Rema, I have always admired your zest for life. You keep going girl, there’s no stopping you. I love your enthusiasm, your ‘never say die attitude’ and gosh do you love to dress up!! Your beautiful sarees and co-ordinated jewellery, that glowing skin, the girlie impishness… boy! I can go on and on and on. Love you girl. You are MY idol!

  • Shashi thorwath

    Rema, a meaningful article indeed. Recently I have been introduced to the Silver Surfers Club by a friend of mine, it truly defines a person with great enthusiasm and zest for life. I see the group living life to the fullest. If not now when can we materialize our dreams and passion. I’m so glad to be associated with you on IASAP in addition to this group. Let’s show the world that Age is just the number. Kudo’s to you!!!


    In total agreement with you Rema. “Its the man behind the age that counts & not the age”. I am in my seventies & in a recent seminar/Symposium where I spoke, immediately thereafter I received two offers to take on the management of their respective companies. They were of the strong view that age is not a restricting factor, but an in demand option, to make full use of experience & maturity. It is we the “aged” who restrict ourselves to grandchildren sitting, TV & reading newspapers. I too am a member of Silvers Surfers, Bangalore & am not the only crazy “youngster”. All others are equally fun loving & young at heart. Age is only in the mind. Lets live life on our terms. Gender is immaterial.
    Rema, you are a perfect example to all women in their 60s. Gr8 going.

  • Philomena Misquitta

    Congrats Rema. Such a beautiful article. Really,age is only a number. It’s how one looks at each day and the numerous opportunities that life has to offer – is to be thankful for. Bless you with all that keeps you active and makes you smile!

  • Suma

    You are such an inspiration! Love you..

  • Lakshmi S Nayak

    Cool Rema. Nicely articulated and it boost energy within to haunt for the new task with zeal. As rightly said by you relaxation is just a breather for newer and bigger milestone. Work till you are mentally and physically disabled, break your milestone.

  • Great points Rema!
    Your article hits the ‘nail’ on the head!
    Age is not a number at all. It is in the Mind. And the Mind can work wonders if it is on track.
    Am sharing your link with other friends.
    Keep going steadily and steadfastly.
    Lots of love and good wishes.

  • Rema

    Thanks Vijaya

  • Narayani

    You are an inspiration to all of us. Keep going spirit & push hard for your personal growth and goals is your motto as age is just a number. Congrats! 👍

  • Rema

    Thanks to all for your messages.


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