Is one day enough to think and thank our dads? Also the dad of my kid? It’s clearly not! In fact my whole being, who I am today, my value systems – deep rooted within was ingrained by my father. He held his head high, was hard working, principled, strict disciplinarian, very sharp, always spoke his mind, no filter at all,.. beneath was a soft hearted emotional man, who cried each time he did kanya dyan of his daughters. He was a progressive man who taught his daughters to drive the car when we were only 7-8 years of age.

He would encourage me, took me everywhere – banks. district office, court, car service center! he was ahead of his times, never treating me like a typical girl. Thanks to him I imbibed lot of his brave heart qualities ! He insisted we, get up early, sleep early, study on time, eat on time. He pampered us subtly with chocolates and seasonal fruits etc. but he never made us feel entitled! He always made us realize how important it is to work hard and be focused in whatever we do this made us flexible, these became my survival kit bag as I transverse Oceans and do well in any situation anywhere !Today I am proud to say that thanks to him I don’t feel less competent though I came from a small town!

When our daughter was born, my husband was most elated! He wanted a girl child! When she was a tiny tot, he made her laugh even when she fell down .. they would talk gibberish … he was a hands on dad, who enjoyed doing everything with her and for her!

As his work pressure increased, he had lesser time with her but he saw to it that she grew up with the best. By the time she was 2 he invested substantially in a set of books, which had interesting learning pattern through stories. She would enjoy these books and learnt many things faster than other kids.

As a Dad he wanted everything best for her from the very early stage. Whenever he went abroad he got presents that shaped her to be what she is today. The American Girl books, Bobbie Brown book when she was a teen, the best of perfumes, clothes, chocolates,came-without asking! If she ever asked for something it came, no matter the cost! But he was always careful to get stuff that enhanced her personality, moulding her into a confident and smart girl. When time came to send her to the best schools abroad he did it without a blink, when she wanted to study in US , he made it happen – once again providing the best of everything! Right from working alongside her in the preparations of essays to universities to preparing her mind to gear for success and accept failures, guiding her throughout. Simply put he worked hard, to elevate her life to another level; he saw dreams for her! Her birthdays were always special! Even if I forgot he never did…Be it flowers, gifts .. everything had to be BEST for his angel- whichever part of the world she was in!

Such is the power of DADS love and unlimited contribution towards making a happy, independent, successful, confident young lady! I would easily give him 98% of credit in shaping her life!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Wonder Women World. 

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  • Viraj

    Beautifully captured. However I felt Vijaya shaped her to be what Vishruta is. And I’m happy and lucky to have such fab ladies in my life!


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