In the whispers of the night
As I glance the sky
I feel you guiding me to the Orion and to the clusters above
‘They hold a whole new world within’ , you would say
You changed lanes and disappeared
Leaving a void never be filled

Faded into an unknown space
You left , leaving your fragrance felt
But Where are you now ?
You were rare and unique
Not understood by many

Unwavering and resolute
Dewy eyed and loving
Leaving behind your wisdom and your light
I pledge to let it shine and spread to many

Wish I had more time to make memories with you
More tales to tell my little ones
More laughters and hugs with you
Sharing of jokes and our love for songs

Wish I could learn some more from you
Or just sit and listen to you some more
I wish I had more time with you
But where are you now ?

Some say it’s destined
That you had to go
But I say , you had decided to go
You heard your calling and wanted to go back home
Eschewing every bond

You shared your future with me
Wishing for another life – another place
Reminding me that the soul never dies
You were ready to decamp

But where are you now ?
I promise and pray that we will meet again soon
Somewhere in this life time
I shall touch your hand

And somewhere I shall see you smile
As you spread your radiant light
You will live in me forever Pa
I am sending you a copy of this
Do read and tell me if I wrote alright

I promise to be a learner always
Humble and loving to the core
And to walk as you taught
I Wish to walk with you again

But where are you now…..?

– Preeti S . Manaktala

This is Preeti’s ode to her father. Preeti is a mother, blogger, teacher, Montessorian, A poet in the making.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Wonder Women World. 

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