THE ULTIMATE DADDY COOL! husband and the father of my children is a man of few words.  So, when I asked him to describe about his journey of fatherhood so far, he simply looked at me surprised and said, “I really have no answer to that!”  On further prodding, he said, “It was the normal course of life for me that had to happen.  I was never apprehensive about my fatherhood abilities as I knew that I was allowed to make mistakes as a father.”

I can vouch for the fact that my husband was confident about his parenting skills right from the day we were expecting our first child.  He has always been an involved and hands-on father.  He has cleaned the poop and vomit of our kids more than I did!  Seriously, despite being in a nuclear setup I never missed any help as I had him with me in this long journey of parenting.

He is the example of the new-age cool dad who is extremely friendly with his children, loves them unconditionally, pampers them (I am the disciplinarian), and the kind whom my son emulates, and my daughter adores.  All he expects is his kids to be happy and confident.  The mantra of his successful parenting is treating the kids as individuals right from the time they are toddlers.

My husband and me are more like buddies and a happy environment has helped our kids nurture well.  Our children find it amusing that gender inequality exists because they don’t see their father doing that.  My son has learnt cooking from his dad and my daughter can get pampered by him when she has her periods.  That’s the comfort level they have!

Even in this day and age, I see men not sharing parenting responsibilities or communicating with their kids well.  But again, any change in the societal structure takes time.  Dads are also evolving.

So, as per my husband, “Fatherhood is the way of life for me and I cherish it”.   He is the ultimate Daddy Cool!


Ritwika Mutsuddi is a social media expert by profession and a blogger by passion. In her words, “Parenting and women are my favorite genres and I write about them avidly.  I am the wife of an awesome husband and mom of a 15-year-old strapping son and a 10-year-old vivacious daughter.  I reside in the City of Dreams, Mumbai.” Read her other articles here

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