I made you with this blood
Wrapped in the fullness of my muliebrity
I rush hiding it from the glances that would be petrified
If they saw what I carry hidden rolled up in a newspaper
I walked like a samurai
My son caught me red handed one day, literally !
“What is that you carry in your hand mama?” wrapped in a newspaper
Came out my best spoken lies
“Oh it is trash my dear, some old papers that I wish to discard!”
The transit from the loo to the dustbin was as silent as the leopards walk
The fear of being spotted always played on my mind
And so long, I have hidden this from you
But no longer, not anymore
It is time you knew…
You being a big boy now right in your teens
hijacked by your hormones  that walk through your genes
you are at the right age to know what I have now to reveal
It happened when I was 12, my son on my school sports day
I was supposed to run in a race
but much to my dismay my white skirt turned shades of pink
and then some deep red
I cried, yes I cried, could not run
I thought I was dead
This came as a shocker  no one told me about this
but why, not even my mom post that day she sat me down
to explain the things that made me frown
I was in despair , I prayed
I didn’t want this thing again
But it never stopped and came each month
You must take care – you must take care
Was all my mom sung!
Red now in the face , breaking eye contact
He said “Mom, I know all of this
I studied anatomy in my 9th class why are you telling me all this ?”
You have girls around you in school
They go through the same story every month
Never laugh ~ never tease if you spot someone stained
Instead be kind and ask if you can help her in any way
Shrugging his shoulder with doubts in his head
“You leak blood every month ! But why? Isn’t that gross?”
I smiled and pulled his cheeks and said
I made you with this blood my boy
You and your brother, in my womb
I nurtured you with this blood of mine
So you could be born and bloom
“Is it painful mama, these 3-4 days ?
How do you handle work with so much grace?”
Happy to see his concern in such a sweet way
I told him it’s a part of me and nothing to be ashamed
I am proud to be a woman who can endure every pain
We are the sole creators of this so called human race
Always respect a women
Whatever the case
He nodded and hopefully understood
The lesson for the day
My son now hopefully understands
The importance of menstruation
Hope he grows sensitive as he matures
and will know what women endure…




Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Wonder Women World. 


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