I am a firm believer that religion has nothing to do with menses. I celebrate the Ganapati festival at home every year and my friends are a huge part of the festivities. One of my Catholic friends had her periods and refused to come saying she didn’t want to offend anybody. On my insistence she finally came but sat at the very end as she did not want to touch the aarti thali. Towards the end of the aarti I called her to take the thali and do the puja. She had such a big smile on her face.

I don’t understand why we connect periods to religion and God. God wouldn’t want any of us to be treated differently because we have periods.  My cousins live in our native village and they find this belief very difficult to digest. Also the fact that I am so open to about it surprises them. My daughter, 9 years old, already knows about it and in the most scientific way. There is nothing to hide.


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  • Priti Sagar

    When God is not disgusted by the sacrificial blood, that ends life; then there is no sense in God trying to boycott the menstrual blood that is directly related to bearing life.

    I won’t be surprised, if this rule is also ‘man’ made!


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