Periods, a normal biological phenomenon, which marks the inception of a big change in a girl’s life.  It’s a time where the little girl needs to be handled with a lot of love and care.  Gone are the days when the mothers use to shy away from talking about periods with their daughters.  It used to cause a lot of physical and emotional discomfort to the girls.

Here a few ways by which we can take care of our daughters during their periods, especially during the first year.

1.  First and foremost, it’s extremely important to prepare the girls for their periods since the time they are around 9 years old.  Nowadays periods tend to start earlier.  I won’t get into the argument as to why it starts early, but the girls should be imparted with the right knowledge.  When my daughter was around 9, I had told her that this is a very normal phenomenon in girls that prepares the body for motherhood in the future.  Later I had told her the biological process also.  I had also told her not to get scared or embarrassed.  If it happens in school, she should inform her teacher/nurse.  It’s of paramount importance that the mother not be shy in talking about this absolutely normal process with her daughter.  It helps the daughter immensely.

2.  When her first period sets in, apart from the discomfort of periods the girl also faces a lot of emotional issues.  It’s very important that the mom and the entire family be with her at that time.  I stay in a nuclear family and my husband and son also know about it and are extremely supportive in the days of periods.  Everyone should make the girl feel loved, comfortable, and keep her happy.  After all, as women we all know how hormones affect us during menstruation.  Let the men in the family also know that it’s a normal process.  Educate your sons about it too, I had educated my son long back.  When the daughter is around 12-13 talk to her about relation of periods and pregnancy so that she is safe, aware, and alert.

3.  Never let your daughter feel that she cannot do anything during her periods.  If she is feeling okay with no stomach cramps or very heavy bleeding, she can carry on with her daily routine like any other day.  She can dance, play, do sports, everything.  Regarding superstitions, well I would simply say its high time we shun all those, but again it depends from family to family.

4.  Since it’s a monthly blood loss now, the diet of the daughter should be healthy.  Include a lot of green leafy vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, chicken, eggs and fish (if non-vegetarian).  Keep her well hydrated.

5.  It’s okay to pamper her a bit when she is going through her periods.  Give her some chocolates to uplift her mood, talk to her a lot, go for shopping or lunch/dinner (up to you), and give her loads of hugs and kisses.

Never make periods feel like a punishment for your daughter (we know it can be like one!).  Let her grow and fly and embrace this change like any other normal milestone in a child’s life.

Ritwika Mutsuddi is a social media expert by profession and a blogger by passion. In her words, “Parenting and women are my favorite genres and I write about them avidly.  I am the wife of an awesome husband and mom of a 15-year-old strapping son and a 10-year-old vivacious daughter.  I reside in the City of Dreams, Mumbai.”


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