Recently we shifted to our new apartment and I was very worried about getting a good and honest maid to help me with the house work. But I have been pretty fortunate in this matter and when my neighbour recommended her maid who was willing to hand wash our clothes (I don’t like to use the washing machine for all the clothes) for a higher salary, I immediately agreed though I was a little doubtful about her efficiency since she was quite elderly – around fifty years old.

But I was amazed by the quality of her work. She was extremely meticulous, neat and clean. She refused a cup of coffee and refreshments and wasted no time in gossip. Her dedication and sincerity commanded my admiration and appreciation. Instead of food, I started giving her fruits and utility items and sometimes packed some snacks for her grandchildren. (She has five daughters- all married- and several grandchildren who keep visiting her).

A good maid is a precious treasure and very important person in our life. A good maid who works efficiently, sincerely and honestly is a great blessing. Not enough appreciation is shown towards a large support system which works for us and enables us to run the house smoothly. I feel very angry when I see employers behaving rudely and condescendingly and not acknowledging the hard labours of these good workers. A kind word and occasional gift, such small things can make them happy and work for you cheerfully. I think we should never pay them lesser than what they deserve.

Today I want to pay a tribute to all the good maids who have worked for me. Without them my career would not have been possible. Without them my life would not have been so comfortable. From the bottom of my heart I thank god for all the good, honest, hardworking ladies who have worked for me.

– Vasudha Pansare


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Wonder Women World.

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  • Well written vasudha…long pending recognition for the services rendered by all the maids .they sure make our lives easier ..even we’ve had the good fortune to have good maids ..we’ve had one maid..Elsa with us for 25 years in our old house and now in our new place we have one ..Lakshmi for the past 12-years and both have become part of our family ..they know our daily routine ,birthdays and festivals …and have rendered their service faithfully and gone out of their way to make our lives more comfortable and the secret is treating them with respect,ensuring their good health and contributions to their children’s education have gone a long way in establishing a good rapport with them .


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