“Have you tried riding a bicycle lately?” asked Poojya Basavaraj, Co-founder of Pedal in Tandem and when I smiled and said no, she asked “What’s holding you back?”

Poojya who loves to travel started Pedal in Tandem with her husband Dheeraj when they discovered the joys of cycling tours and vacations. It helps with fitness, keeps you close to nature, allows you to explore places that are not accessible by cars…the list is endless.  

With no experience in both, travel and the fitness industry – I asked Poojya what gave her the motivation to start such a unique venture to which she said…”My husband! He has introduced to me the best things I’ve got going in my life – be it cycling, meditation or just being able to pursue my passion for art. He is a constant inspiration also because of his focus, hard work and drive for perfection.”

Over the last two years and during the many tours organized, Poojya has met people from various backgrounds. She has made friends (who are more like family now) and that is what she treasures the most. “It’s not all about the money” she says.

We talked about the perks of her passion but then I checked if there were downsides or challenges if any…and Poojya explained, “Being in the outdoors and doing some intense activity all day long, while taking care of customer experience and safety at the same, can be physically and mentally challenging. But we’ve gotten used it over time and it helps being intensely passionate about work!”

Juggling a full time career and managing a successful hobby / business takes a lot of discipline and effort and according to Poojya, “When you start something on your own be very patient. Do not expect results or success overnight. Do not consider any work menial. If you need to take some muck on your face and dirty your hands to fix a wheel, DO IT! And finally, be humble!”


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  • Krishnamurthy Subbarao

    Dear Poojya,
    Well said. I am proud of you. During our YIC course at S-Vyasa, I was very closely observing you. You were a born leader with down to earth. Great motivator. Go getter. Result oriented. I am sure you are the motivator with enthusiasm to youth to design their way of life!!!

  • Poojya

    Thank you very Krishnamurthy Sir. It really means a lot coming from you. You have always been a great motivator to me.


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