She switched gears from a bakery chef to a liquid chef and when she isn’t behind the bar, she is either catching up on sleep, studying all things alcohol, drawing or browsing through articles of crime and war. Meet Feruzan Bilimoria, mixologist, bartender, team leader and dreamer who hopes to open a bar and café under her own name someday.

Feruzan has been in the business of mixology for close to five years now. Currently working in a modern British themed Gastropub where she looks after the bar operations, Feruzan says that her world may be very exciting from the outside (and it is!) but it requires a lot of effort. There are times when she longs to get away from the stress, loud music, lights and crowds.

When she started out, Feruzan put her career over all else and alienated herself from real conversations or a social life. Now older and wiser, she realizes the importance of finding a balance, maintaining a healthy social life, looking out for herself and making an effort to building relationships with people from the industry.

Her biggest achievement so far is,“accepting myself as I am and finding the unthinkable courage to open up about my depression and making a cocktail that told my story”. Another important lesson she learned along the way is that everyone goes through difficult times but if we accept that it is a part of life and move on – half the battle is won.

Her advice for women wanting a career in this fast-paced industry is to toughen up, ignore the gender gap that exists and if at first you don’t succeed tell yourself that it is OK! She urges you to let go of your insecurities, focus on yourself and grow as a human being. As for herself, although she is grateful for the many mentors of both genders she has had throughout her career, she now only looks up to the image of herself that she has envisioned for the future.

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