In a world where technology is taking a prominent role in every aspect of our lives, it was so refreshing to hear about Gurukulam through which Divyaa D introduces us to world of shlokas. Shloka means a couplet of Sanskrit verse, one in which each line contains sixteen syllables. Reciting shlokas has been known to have several benefits including to feel calm and more centered thereby allowing one to channelize the positive energy received in a variety of ways.

Divyaa started Gurukulam in 2014 and taught children living in her apartment complex. When she discovered that more parents were eager for their kids to learn shlokas, she started to offer them to children from 5 years old up to 16 years. Initially apprehensive whether children would pick up Sanskrit, Divyaa soon found out that they had an innate ability to grasp new things very quickly and her fears were put to rest. The more she taught, the more they picked up – enjoying the process immensely.
Mothers of little toddlers too reach out to Divyaa for classes and while the mother learns more in this case, she has found that children even as little as 2 years old pick up quite easily. Currently with 50 students, Divyaa is keen to expand Gurukulam’s reach to include more pre-schools, dance schools, and even offer her classes for free to children in several blind schools in Bangalore.
We wish Divyaa all the best as she helps take us back to our roots in these very fast-paced times…

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  • Anjali Ravi

    That’s so innovative and bringing a sense of good upbringing amongst the younger generation.This will definitely inculcate good in them.I wish you all the very best in your endeavours


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