“Why is there no men’s day, everyday is woman’s day”, someone remarked. This is not a day to remember your mother, sister, or any other role women are bound to. So, before you buy into the ‘women need to be pampered’ gimmick, know that this day was meant as a victory for women’s rights. Happy Women’s Day has become an empty wish without knowing why this began to be celebrated. What has now become a marketing opportunity, was the first time women got voting rights way back in 1909. Without the boundaries of nationality, the United Nations declared this day as a celebration of Labour movements across North America and Europe. It was then termed International Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. From then on, women’s day marked several protests for right to vote, right to equal working conditions, and right to equal rights. Today we seem to have forgotten these histories but we haven’t left the same issues very far behind. They are women still fighting for equal pay, or equal rights. Today, let’s remember the historic significance of this day and give a shout out to working women all over.

The author, Sumathi Nagesh is a Research Scholar at the Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of Hyderabad. Her work is based on Gender and Performance in the Theatre and Performance. She and some like minded friends will be posting regularly on here

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Wonder Women World.


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  • Birjarjun Sarkar

    Very enlightening Ms. Sumathi! thanks for the heads up 🙂


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