Photography happened to me, way back in my teens, when my Dad bought me a point and shoot camera with my tiny fortune from an accidentally broken piggy bank. Initially the camera around my neck was more of a prized possession and often a free entry ticket to events and parties in the neighbourhood. Moreover being a shy kid, I often found myself behind a camera rather than in front and before I knew, I developed a liking for  how things appeared through a view-finder.

In the early days of my career in photography, I tried different genres and later discovered my love for newborn, child and maternity photography.  And then I became a mother myself, to the two (second one who arrived this February) gorgeous boys, and found the perfect models for all kind of innovative shoots. For a mother, her child is anyways the most beautiful being in this entire world and as a photographer what else do you need once you have such beautiful subjects? Right from the very first week of his birth, my elder son and me, we have been great team! And we got better at it, one click at a time.

The idea for this Game of Thrones (GoT) themed shoot, stemmed out of my mixed emotions when my son was about to lose his lovely curly locks as part of a ceremonial hair cut “mundan”. My husband , chipped with the replica of the Iron Throne and Neil, an amazingly talented designer, poured all his love and art into making a wonderful costume. After a lot going on behind the scenes, the shoot in itself was a bit of challenge as my full term pregnancy meant less freedom of mobility. But then my darling son, being the most adorable model that he is, brightened the day with some breathtaking poses.

Apart from trying photoshoots based on popular characters I often try themes based on routine activities, like cooking and baking, with my kids at home and these themes are the ones which are most sought after by my clients. Given the buzz this GoT shoot has created, we have more such personal projects in the making with the two best models who will be appearing in new exciting avatars!

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