“Men do not always respect women in leadership positions”, says Shree Seeva, Director of Vymigrate (pronounced as why-migrate). Shree has had men not look at her when she talks knowing fully well that they can learn a thing or two from her. This Law and Science graduate from Australia moved to India to set up her venture that is a one stop shop for all country migration (with legal licensing provisions). With ten years of experience, Shree is looking to expand into the international market while keeping India as the base.

Shree, having spent most of her life in Australia, is a true Aussie and admits that she found it hard to understand and cope with the cultural differences here. There were times when she would talk to people and was not sure if they were making a connect at all. So, to remedy that, Shree attended cultural training and studies with friends to understand mind sets.

In her line of work, one needs to have a genuine need to want to help people improve their lives. Migration and education are game changers. People are upheaving their families, finances and everything they know just so that they can have a better life. So Shree feels that one must act as a guiding point for them and make sure that you are able to provide the right amount of support.

Shree successfully runs three offices, with plans to set up twenty more across India. On being asked what message she would like to give every woman reading this, she says with complete confidence, “It is possible! You can work, have a career, have a child, run a house, manage a family and also travel! Yes, you can have it all.”

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