“I enjoy competition” says Dr. Chytra V Anand, Founder and CEO of Kosmoderma Clinics who set up the award-winning chain of clinics in 2006 when she realized that India lacked in world class skin and hair service. Also noticing a gap in formal training, Chytra went on to establish The International Academy of Aesthetic Medicine to educate doctors in India and train them in the field of cosmetic medicine.

Chytra thrives on tough situations and says it makes her more innovative and helps avoid complacency. She recalls the initial days of Kosmoderma, when many of her colleagues tried to gang up against her, but she remained focused. With hard work and honesty, she has not only made a huge success of her dream but also won the respect of her peers and friends. Chytra has won several awards and is very well respected in the field of cosmetic medicine.

Given that it is a high touch sensitivity industry, human interactions and emotions are what Chytra says are the hardest to deal with. But with 14 years of experience, she has learned that listening is a key skill to develop and inculcate.

Heading up a large organization, balancing work and personal life is something that, like many of us, Chytra tries her best at. And at the end of a long, hard day, she looks forward to unwinding with her family, especially her son who she calls her stress-buster.

With the fast paced medical and technological advancements, Chytra says, “It’s an exciting and fabulous field to be in and if you enjoy interacting with people and have a passion for beauty and aesthetics – it is an added advantage.” She adds, “The satisfaction in making others look their best is incomparable.” People may assume that the industry focuses on superficial beauty – but Chytra corrects this assumption and shared many examples of women who with the right treatment have got a boost to their self-confidence immensely.

Calling her journey exciting and illuminating, Chytra has a word of advice for all women, she says, “Don’t look for validation from others. Seek it within yourself. You are sure to face obstacles but don’t ever let others pull you down…believe in yourself.”

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