“I love to ride motorbikes and have covered 10,000 km in India. In fact, my first solo bike ride was to Kolkata.” Meet Dashmi Rani C J, a mother, teacher, social activist, civic leader and an avid biker! Born in a middle class family in a small town in Karnataka called Chitradurga, Dashmi says, “Life was a struggle. I have faced so many hardships and had to fight hard to get what I want. Growing up, I was filled with anger, disappointment and regretted being born as a girl.”

Despite the odds, Dashmi was stubborn and fought her way through life. She had to fight to go to school, college and even get a job. She admits that it has made her the strong and resilient person she is today and realizes that how we handle what life throws at us is what defines who we really are and what we are made of.

Today at 36, Dashmi has broken stereotypes and is an inspiration to many women. As she gears up to fulfil her dream of riding across India she says, “I was born to travel and riding out alone feels me good and one with nature, allowing me to find my peace.”

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