A happy go lucky person and a mother of three. A dentist by profession and a student of Hindustani Classical music. I have been a professor in Dentistry and taught very enthusiastic postgraduate students who have published many studies and case reports under my guidance, in internationally and nationally acclaimed journals.

With a vast experience of 21 years in my profession I have enriched myself with great passion for Cosmetic Dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation. I am a keen learner and keep educating myself on newer techniques and methods of treatment.

On my journey as a dental consultant in my own practice and now in a renowned hospital in Bangalore, I have obviously met many people from all walks of life and I learn from my interactions. What I observed is that, health is very important for everyone but most forget that it’s the mouth that needs the first attention!

Women accompany all their family members and friends for treatments but tend to remain in the background and are very happy and content with that. This is something I want to change by getting them to realize that they need to wear that oxygen mask first. Only then can they help those they love!

As women we go through various stages in life where there are hormonal fluctuations causing disharmony in the normal functioning of the body and these are times of huge demand by the body which we need to fulfil with good care and nutrition!

The Mouth is a mirror of the body…and our overall health begins with oral health! Watch out for:

  • Bleeding gums especially, during a hormonal change in the body.
  • Stress that results in pain in the muscles around the mouth.
  • Burning sensation in the mouth or tongue.
  • People with diabetes (who need special care and follow up).
  • Abnormal symptoms in the mouth that could indicate blood/immune disorders.

An empowered woman tends her own fire and shines. So take charge of your (oral) health and wear your smile with confidence. Cheers and Kudos!

The author, Dr. Shraddha Malhotra is Senior Dental Consultant and specializes in systemic diseases and the mouth. A mother of 3, a swimmer, Shraddha started learning Hindustani classical at the age of 45! You can reach out to Dr. Shraddha here.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Wonder Women World.



    Excellent loved the title mouth is the mirror of the body . Having know you for the last 12 plus yrs you are a great doctor and a awesome friend .

  • Babita Shroff

    Three cheers to you … beautifully defined…”your mouth is the mirror of your body”…. You are not just a successful Dr… mother…. professional…singer…or whatever adjective we can add on to…… most important I know you as a very strong beautiful soulful person….” YOU ROCK DOC”!!!

  • Shruti

    Wow Dr Shraddha proud to have you as our family dentist. Kudos to you

  • Dr Achuth M Baliga

    Dr Shradda undoubtedly you are a very astute dentist diagnosing systemic diseases with a look in the mouth picking up early manifestations. You are a humble person which makes you all the more a great doctor. My pleasure knowing you and working along with you.

    • Shraddha Bahirwani

      Thanks doc.. It means a lot to me coming from the best we have… That is YOU!

  • sonam Khashnobish

    Dr. Shraddha you Rock
    keep doing the Good work and stay humble ..don’t ever change that.
    Don’t get disturbed with negativity around you.Compassion for people and passion for your work will take you far.Cheers.

  • Kimaya

    Great going, Shrads!


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