“I went to college in my second trimester carrying my baby bump and my laptop bag. I studied and worked over weekends or at the hospital while waiting my turn for check-ups and during the lunch break at college sometimes. There were times I had to storm out of presentations to throw up but still managed to win over the clients at the end! ” Need I say more about the sheer grit this wonder woman displays? Meet Priyanka Tayi, an apparel designer who founded, Hunkydory Design Studio and her reasons for setting it up are even more impressive, in her words, “I set up on my own to be able to work from home, given the nature of my husband’s job in the Navy. And to provide opportunities to designers in similar situations (pregnant, post maternity, returning post a break, who relocate often due to unavoidable circumstances).”

Back in 2012 when Priyanka started out, projects came in slowly so she picked up a teaching job as Head of Design at a newly setup fashion college and shuttled between the firm and her job. She made it a point to hire designers (Indian) with similar limitations from across the globe. Before long, they were a team of 6 designers, all women, servicing over 4 retails brands from different time zones.

Not that I needed to hear more about the challenges she has been through, but I had to ask which instance particularly stood out and Priyanka, completely floored me with her answer. She recalled the time when a client called her for a meeting with only 24 hours’ notice. The husband was away and not reachable. So, she booked tickets from Goa (being the closest airport to Karwar where she lives), took Diva, her baby, and the nanny and flew out to make it to the meeting!

Spirited, Sassy and Strong – those are the words that come to mind when you meet Priyanka. She is excited about how her firm is growing and said, “We now have 8 clients, an all women team of 10+ designers, no head office, 1 chief accountant, several home offices and 1 hyper active baby. Life is good!”


  • Chinha

    Three cheers to Spirited, Sassy and Strong!

  • Kshitija kanwar

    I have known Priyanka since the day she got married to our dear friend Ashwin Simha!!!…. and we clicked instantly !!..she is one woman who is always full of energy!! our friendship i have learned a few things from her!!!… all the very best for this lovely career driven woman!!… may you achieve all and more then what you have hoped for !!

  • Santosh Kokku

    If I have to start with since when do I know priyanka then I must say since her NIFT days and from then to now you’ve come a long way. She is always full of energy and can never sit idle I can say. Always keeps thinking what more can be done. Really proud of you Priyanka. I know you’ll do wonders in whatever you choose to do. I wish you all the best.

  • Priyanka was my batchmate in IIMB in 2016…her presence in the class was silent yet so noticeable…I salute the sheer determination in her to work during her pregnancy and provide opportunities to various women…love you woman😊

  • Akanksha singh

    Wow m so glad to meet u Priyanka…so much to learn from u I have no words to express but these words truly defines you Empowered women empower women…Keep inspiring dear

  • Ushasree chandana

    Amazing kid turned to unbelievable wonder woman. God bless you to come up to your lovely dreams with youing family and challenging choicest career as a designer

  • Shruti MP

    So proud of you Pri! Keep believing in yourself and turning dreams into reality. Lots of love!

  • One of the most resourceful and creative persons I have had the privilege of knowing… Priyanka, you are something!


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