Hailing from a small town (Dharwad, Karnataka) where things are not as complicated as the hussle-bussle of life in a metro, 47 year old Purnima Gokhale-Kesanur considers becoming independent, self-sufficient and living life on her own terms as her biggest achievement.

Mother, lead technical writer, physics teacher, mountaineer and an active participant in conserving nature and wild-life. This multi-dimensional wonder woman has completed a Himalayan trek (16500ft!) without knowing what it entails, ventured into the deep forests, got chased by an elephant – all this so she could help complete a tiger census!

Totally impressed with all that Purnima has accomplished, I wanted to know what drives her and she said “Be it at work or life, I have always taken on challenges” and she went on to elaborate, “What I have learnt is that instead of taking up what is in front of you with the thought “Can I do it?” go with the thought “I can do it” and it changes the whole perspective and you will be able to face any challenge that life throws at you.”

Purnima believes that one needs the right attitude towards life and that there is learning in whatever you see around you “Mountains teach us humility, flora and fauna, empathy and people teach us patience”. One needs to just keep an open mind and be receptive to the endless lessons that life teaches you.


  • Bhargavi

    which trek 16,500ft? pin-parvati in july 2016?

  • Krishnamurthy Kashyao

    Awesome Purnima sis…
    you deserved…
    We all proud of u…

  • Pavithra

    Congratulations Purnima!
    We always knew you are a cut above the rest 🙂

  • Purnima

    This talks of my first trek in 2009 across kalihani pass (Manali to BIR Bangal, dharamsala)

  • Aravind

    We are very proud,your in keasnur family

    Gururaj harihar

  • Rashmi s n

    I admire you all the time.You are an inspiration for me.yes i want to trek with you for sometime.wish you the best in your endeavour

  • Namitha G Kulkarni

    Super, you are the bench mark for all of the youngsters like us

  • Vivek siddapur

    Purnima congrats for your achievements

  • Naveen Patil

    Sure sooner or later in the days to come she will definately be recomended for a national award . Congratulations poornima u r a world apart fro the rest. Best of luck

  • Santosh

    Very proud of you 👌👍

  • Kiran

    Fabulous madam..
    I salute u n ur achievement..
    Ur bravery is precious one..
    Always ur this achievement is an example for all of us..
    Hats offff..


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